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The Ecology Forum


Organisation and People

The Ecology Forum’s Committee is composed of experts representing the fields of botany, zoology, landscape ecology, terrestrial ecology, and aquatic ecology, forestry, plant breeding, soil science, microbiology, mycology, palaeontology, and medical science. During internal biannual meetings, the forum’s members prepare the annual symposia and plan future events. The current head of the Forum is the deputy chairman Prof. Dr. Erwin Grill (plant physiology, TU Munich, Weihenstephan). All former members of the Committee (or Forum) as well as of its External Advisory Board are listed under History.

Inter alia, the Scientific Staff supervises the organisation of the annual Round-Table Discussions and the editing of the report volumes.

The Advisory Board of the Ecology Forum critically evaluates the forum’s work. Board meetings take place once a year.

Election of the Committee and Board members as well as the meeting procedures are regulated in the by-laws and rules of procedure of the Bavarian Academy of Sciences and Humanities.