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Round-Table Discussions

The Ecology Forum’s conferences (Round-Table Discussions) usually take place once a year. At these conferences, invited experts present current knowledge in their respective field and discuss it with invited participants from the Bavarian ministries of nature conservation, forestry, health, and other subjects as well as invited participants from the media, other organisations (as relevant) and local universities. The number of participants is limited to 80 people. To present the results to a broader public, both the scientific presentations and the following discussion are edited and published.

Programmes of recent Round-Table Discussions

Ökologie und Bioökonomie
(Ecology and Bioeconomy)

26 April 2019
Organisers: Susanne S. Renner and Ingrid Kögel-Knabner

Presentations by: Robert Arlinghaus (IGB Berlin), Markus Gandorfer (LfL Freising), Wolfgang Haber (TUM Freising), Beate Jessel (BfN Bonn), Iris Lewandowski (Univ. Hohenheim), Johannes Sauer (TUM Freising), Chris-Carolin Schön (TUM Freising), Gabriele Weber-Blaschke (TUM Freising), Wolfgang W. Weisser (TUM Freising) and Sebastian Wolfrum (LfL Freising).

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Unbekannte Welt der Mikrobiome
(Unknown World of Microbiomes)

10 April 2018
Organisers: Erika von Mutius (München) and Johann Bauer (Ismaning)

Presentations by: Rudolf Amann (Bremen), Gabriele Berg (Graz), Thomas Clavel (Aachen), Dirk Haller (Freising), Tillmann Lüders (Neuherberg), Erika von Mutius (München), Jamie Newbold (Edinburgh), Michael Schloter (Neuherberg), Bärbel Stecher (München) and Michael Wagner (Wien).

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Tierwelt im Wandel: Wanderung, Zuwanderung, Rückgang
(Wildlife in Transition: Migration, Immigration, Decline)

4 April 2017
Organiser: Susanne S. Renner (München)

Presentations by: Martin Wikelski (Radolfzell), Ilse Storch (Freiburg), Wolfgang Fieder (Radolfzell), Franz Bairlein (Wilhelmshaven), Josef H. Reichholf (Neuötting), Axel Hausmann (München), Sylvia Cremer (Klosterneuburg, A) und Annette Menzel (Freising).

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